Stacey and Bashe Rockman picking Shabbat

Grant Parameters

Apply for the Fall of 2021

Day schools, congregational schools, Hebrew high school programs, and youth groups may apply for a program grant of $5,000 (we recommend half for staffing and half for materials) for fall, or for a grant of $10,000 for fall and spring (8 teen sessions and 8 intergenerational sessions).

Funded schools will also receive Better Together branded video cards (valued at $30/each) for each senior citizen in the program. Video cards look like greeting cards, but have an LCD screen inside with a play button. Video cards can be re-loaded with new videos on an ongoing basis.

Organizations will commit to the following: 

  • Minimum # of students: 10

  • Minimum # of seniors: 1 for every 2 students

  • Minimum # of preparatory lessons with students: 4 for fall-only programs; 8 for fall + spring programs

  • Minimum # of intergenerational interactions/activities: 4 for fall-only programs; 8 for fall + spring programs

Submit a final report (Word template here) or google form (contact us for the link) by June 30, 2022.

Report includes:

  • Documentation (pictures, write up, etc.) of program along with "meeting" dates. 

  • Impact Statement

  • Staffing structure report

  • Expense report